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The different types of users on enCAST with specialised help for the Actors, Casting Directors, Talent Agents here.

If you are a Casting Director, there are several ways to contact actors on our site. 1) Add a casting
{:en} Any type of user can become Verified on enCAST if they qualify. Being verified adds extra advantages to your
{:en} Here at enCAST we get literally hundreds of casting notices cross our desk each week. A lot of them
This page is for actors; if you are a talent agent, see here. Actors and Talent Agents can be linked
{:en}enCAST has a roster of thousands of professional actors across Europe who are available to work. As a Guest Casting
{:en} Are you a Talent Agent looking for more work for your actors and ways to expand your business? Then
This page is for talent agents; if you are an actor, see here. Actors and Talent Agents can be linked
Every actor, if they want to take their career to the next level, will need a Talent Agent (or TA).
{:en}If you are casting a new project and looking for the right actors, then enCAST can help you. We are
After your casting notice has been online for a few days, you will begin to receive a number of submissions
This article explains how you can write an effective cover email when you are looking to find a new Talent
You can find all our actors here: Search Actors. When you first visit the page it will show you a selection
{:en}There are 3 main types of users on enCAST - and when you join enCAST you can choose what type of
When you post a casting notice, you will receive submissions from actors to your EMAIL. On the Casting Notice You
If you post a casting notice and do not receive any submissions, then there are a few common reasons why
There are several different ways of finding actors for your project and the method you choose depends on how much time
Once you have a Talent Agent profile on enCAST you can begin to work with your actors finding jobs for
{:en}How do we decide what castings we allow on the site, and what castings we do not allow? This article
If you are a CD and post a casting on our site, you will receive all submissions to the email
If you've put up a casting call which live on the site, it's very easy to edit it. Just visit
How we can help you If you are a Talent Agent looking for the perfect actor, then we can help.