Casting your Project with enCAST

If you are casting a new project and looking for the right actors, then enCAST can help you. We are always ready to collaborate with productions to help find the best actors for your projects (films, advertisements, etc).

On the site you will find:

  • Experienced, professional, actors based in all countries across Europe
  • Actors of many different nationalities & ethnicities
  • Actors speaking many different languages
  • Actors from 16 to 99 years old
  • Beginner actors to highly experienced professionals
  • and much more…

So here are a few different ways the site can help you cast your project

Option 1: post your casting notice on enCAST

If you know what you want, then the simplest way to find the actors you need is to ADD A CASTING CALL.

Once it’s checked, it will be broadcast to all the actors who fit the profile (age/gender/location, etc; you won’t hear from actors who don’t fit the basic requirements for the role).

Suitable actors will send you their submission for the roles and you can contact the best of them directly to discuss the project with them.

NB This service is free.

Option 2: we post & pre-screen for you

If you prefer, you can send us the casting breakdowns and details and we can post the casting calls on your behalf.

We will get in touch with all suitable actors (age/gender/location/type, etc) according to your needs and pre-screen them so they match your non-negotiable needs completely.

For example, suppose you need the actor to be available on certain dates, or to have a very specific look, or to put forward a self-tape for the role, etc. We can liaise with the actors to make sure they have everything in place and match your needs completely before sending them on to you.

Once we begin to receive good candidates we’ll send them on to you so you can discuss with them directly.

NB This service is free.

Option 3: search through our actors and contact them yourself

If you are after that someone special, you can search through our huge database of European based actors to find just the right person for the role.

You can filter the results by playing ages/gender/location/ethnicity and so on, and even do a search for actors with that special skills, e.g. dance skills, military training, or whatever or even certain documents, e.g. EU passport, SAG-AFTRA membership, and so on.

From then you can contact them directly (or we can contact them on your behalf).

NB This service is free.

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