What can you find here?

Everything to help you become a better actor and use enCAST in the best possible way.

What you learn and do here will make you a better actor.

Quick Help about using the enCAST site

A lot of the most common questions you might have are answered in enCAST Site Help area.

But if you need more help, you can take a look in our forums here. If you don’t find the answer there, feel free to post your question in the forum where either a member of enCAST or one of our many members will help you out.

Finally, if you need to ask something private (perhaps about your billing or something you’d rather keep private) then you can ask in the Personal Helpdesk Forum – any question you ask here can only be seen by yourself and enCAST admin (i.e. not the public or any other member of the site).

Profile Help

It is important that your profile is as complete as possible to get the most out of enCAST and also to help find work. There are 3 steps to this.

  1. complete your profile
  2. check your profile
  3. verify your profile (Pro-Actors only)

Being a Film Actor – help!

This section features a range of articles and ideas about acting which are here to help you become a better actor and find more work. 

They are divided into several sections.

* Note that many of these pages are for logged in users only. Some of the resources here are also only for Pro Actors.