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You want to hear about new castings. And we occasionally need to send you important messages. But we understand you
Sometimes people ask us why we include one country and not another on enCAST. The answer is simple. We work with
How many languages can you act in? When you make a profile on enCAST, you need to set your acting
This page explains how actors can submit for a casting call on enCAST. More details First, you must be
Some jobs on enCAST are marked as Local Hire Only (LHO). This means that the production will only take actors
Using enCAST is easy. Here's what you can do: Join enCAST Make a profile Set your casting preferences Take a
When a casting call says it might include nudity or intimate scenes (sometimes called adult scenes), what does this mean
If you are a Casting Director, there are several ways to contact actors on our site. 1) Add a casting
To submit your profile to a casting notice on enCAST, you will normally click on the CLICK TO SUBMIT link
All actors can add a showreel to their profile. Pro-Actors can add up to 15 showreels. This article explains how.
You can show several pictures on your profile. For actors these will be your headshots. This article explains how to
Any type of user can become Verified on enCAST if they qualify. Being verified adds extra advantages to your profile:
This short video explains how you can make an actor profile on enCAST. NB there is no narration, just background music.
Here at enCAST we get literally hundreds of casting notices cross our desk each week. A lot of them are
We hope that our site is useful to all actors, however you do have the option of deleting your account
When you add a CV to your profile, the following users will be able to open and see it: the
This page is for actors; if you are a talent agent, see here. Actors and Talent Agents can be linked
When you subscribe to enCAST, you gain full access to our website and can enrich your acting career. You will
enCAST has a roster of thousands of professional actors across Europe who are available to work. As a Guest Casting
Are you a Talent Agent looking for more work for your actors and ways to expand your business? Then we
On this page - CASTINGS > MY OPEN CASTINGS - you can see all the castings which match your casting
When you send your submission for an acting job, you normally send along your CV, a couple of headshots, and
To access the full features of enCAST and become a Pro-Actor, you can subscribe to enCAST. How to Subscribe You
Unlike other jobs, casting calls are allowed to specify the ethnicity of the character they are casting for (along with
This page is for talent agents; if you are an actor, see here. Actors and Talent Agents can be linked
To join enCAST as an actor *: You must be at least 16 years old You should be an established
On your profile you can include all kinds of information casting directors will find useful and search for. To add
Good question! Is it really worth you joining the only actors site which has casting calls right across the entire
CASTING CALLS on enCAST are shown with the most recent first. You can find them listed in the menu here:
Your Quick Intro is incredibly important so take some time to get it right. It is the first thing a
Every actor, if they want to take their career to the next level, will need a Talent Agent (or TA).
If you are casting a new project and looking for the right actors, then enCAST can help you. We are
Casting notices come in all shapes and sizes. There’s no set pattern and you’ll see everything from a detailed character
First off, absolutely anyone who is interested in acting and over 16 is welcome to join enCAST regardless of age,
Your playing age is not your real but how old you look. For example, you might be 20 years old
To log into enCAST, you must already have an profile on the site. (If you don't have a profile yet,
You know what happens: You see a casting notice and you send the casting agent or production your details. You
After your casting notice has been online for a few days, you will begin to receive a number of submissions
We do not host videos directly on our site, but instead you can embed your video from YouTube or Vimeo
Casting Directors and others use our search page to find actors for their projects. So it's important that you not
This article explains how you can write an effective cover email when you are looking to find a new Talent
When you post a casting notice on enCAST, it will be seen by suitable actors who will contact you with
You can find all our actors here: Search Actors. When you first visit the page it will show you a selection
For Actors, your profile on enCAST does two important things: It shows the world who you are It lets you
Some casting calls ask for a specific ethnicity. You can set your ethnicities on your profile: Go to EDIT YOUR
There are 3 main types of users on enCAST - and when you join enCAST you can choose what type of
When you sign up with enCAST you will use your usual email address but if ever you need to change
Let people find you more easily! Your personal Vanity URL is simply a quick, easy to remember, address for your
This page is about children and enCAST. Because of the special circumstances involved in employing children on a film and
When you post a casting notice, you will receive submissions from actors to your EMAIL. On the Casting Notice You
If you are logged into enCAST, this page explains how you can change or reset your password. Log into enCAST
There’s a great job in Brussels. But you live in Athens. Should you submit or are you wasting your time
When you visit your profile you'll see an item, PROFILE VIEWS. This shows how many people - guests, CDs, other
If you post a casting notice and do not receive any submissions, then there are a few common reasons why
Although it's free to have a basic profile on the site and submit to some jobs, there are some very
When you post a Casting Call, you should include the following information. This ensures the casting is added to our
Joining enCAST is free and very easy to do. This article explains how to do that and answers common questions about
As an actor, finding work can be a daunting and time-consuming process. However, using enCAST can make the process a
Once you have a Talent Agent profile on enCAST you can begin to work with your actors finding jobs for
The More About Me (MAM) section in your enCAST profile is where you can add in any other information you
What is Media? By media, we mean CVs, headshots, showreels and language reels. All of these can be found when
There are several different ways of finding actors for your project and the method you choose depends on how much time
By default the prices on the enCAST subscription page include VAT. If you already have a subscription If you have
It is very useful to add your IMDB Profile link to your enCAST Profile. * To add it: Go to
The simple answer is that you can't. But the good news is that you can change the name on your
At the top of your profile is your Calling Card and all users have this. As you can see above,
When you submit for a casting and write your application email, occasionally you might see an error message. This article
Just as a showreel shows video clips of you in action, a language reel (aka soundfile or voicereel) is a
How do we decide what castings we allow on the site, and what castings we do not allow? This article
At times, productions come to us with an urgent request for an actor who may not have responded to email
When you submit to a casting on enCAST, you first choose two headshots, then a CV, and optionally a showreel.
Unfortunately it's not possible to change your credit card on a subscription. If your credit card is about to expire
There are different ways to find work on enCAST. This page explains how to make the most of the site
On each casting call the payment type is shown, sometimes along with further information. This page explains the payment types
Each casting will have a different closing date. Some castings are open for just a few days and others can
Sometimes when you make a change to your profile an click to save, the form does not save and the
This page explains how you can get receipts for payments made to enCAST for your subscription. In general, each time
This page explains how to change your basic profile information: Your professional name Your location (City/Country) Your playing gender *
Sometimes a casting will ask you to submit very specific material. For example: a photo of your hands or wearing
If you are a CD and post a casting on our site, you will receive all submissions to the email
When you apply to a job here on enCAST you should always write in the language requested. So, for example,
This field on your profile shows where you are currently based. For Actors Choose the European country where you are
Colour-Blind vs Colour-Conscious Colour-blind casting is a casting method that promotes diversity and inclusivity in the entertainment industry by casting
Every time you make changes to your profile, or if you just want to make sure everything is ok, then
Most of the time you will submit for a job and it will go straight through to the production. Sometimes,
It's easy to find casting calls for actors on enCAST. General Castings Visit this page: CASTINGS Here you will find
To stop or start getting Immediate Notifications of new castings, go here and turn the EMAIL button on or off.
When you subscribe you will be upgraded to Pro-Actor status on enCAST. In over 99% of cases your profile will
Report a Casting Call We get literally hundreds of castings crossing our desks each week. By far the majority are
When you edit the media on your profile you will sometimes see a PRIVATE button like this: This button is available
Would you like a quick boost to your profile on the enCAST social media? Simply put, a boost is when
How can I see the Castings I've Submitted to? To see what castings you have submitted to, login and then
Casting Roles on enCAST are classified as either m/f = any/either/all gender m = male f = female To apply
Sometimes you will want to submit for different roles on a single casting call. But please note that to avoid
If you've put up a casting call which live on the site, it's very easy to edit it. Just visit
Sometimes a casting notice will have several roles available. As an actor, please note that you can only submit to
When you set up your profile on enCAST, you can also specify exactly who is allowed to see it. Go
The MY LINKS section of your profile allows you to add links to websites outside of enCAST. For example you
This article is for actors; Casting Directors and Talent Agents outside Europe are welcome to join us if you are
Sometimes, you might need to change things in a casting call or amend it slightly after it's been posted. Here's
The first field on your profile is Your Name. Note, that this is not your login or username on the
Some jobs on enCAST ask you to send a self-tape to the production along with your submission email. Here is
You've submitted a casting application - brilliant! But what happens to your submission after you've clicked SEND? Checking First, your
Sometimes, when you are changing your profile, an error might happen. You will see a message like the one above.
When you make a subscription with enCAST, it is automatically renewed and you will be charged at the end of
Basic use of the site is free. However, you can subscribe to the site to have access to additional features. Payment is
This article is all about checking your profile and help in making sure it's good. Once you have completed your
First, make sure you've set your notifications on your profile: edit your profile and go to the NOTIFICATIONS tab. Then,
After you submit a casting call, it goes to Admin where we'll check it. Following these checks (see below) the
Are you losing out on jobs? Do you need a professional to take your profile & acting to the next
How we can help you If you are a Talent Agent looking for the perfect actor, then we can help.
If your subscription expires or you cancel it, all your profile information (like showreels, images, language reels, links, text, etc.)
If you're having trouble logging into your enCAST account, follow these steps to resolve common issues: Try a Different Device