Using enCAST as a Casting Director – an Introduction

enCAST has a roster of thousands of professional actors across Europe who are available to work.

As a Guest Casting Director (before you log in or create a profile) you can visit the site home page and scroll down to see a simple search of our actors.

quick search

If you find an actor suitable for your project, feel free to contact us and we will pass your message on to them.

You can also make a more advanced search here where you look for actors in Europe by: playing age, gender, location, etc as well as passport, licences and more detailed criteria.

Post a Casting Notice

If you would like to post a casting notice on our site, you can either 

  • contact us with the details and we will post for you
  • post it yourself – this allows many more features but you must have a CD profile here to do this

For more details on this, see: Casting your Project with enCAST.

Join enCAST for more features

You can join enCAST and benefit from more features. (Note, it is free to join us as a Casting Director.)

When you join our site from this page you can create a profile and have access to additional features of our site including perhaps the 2 most important tools for Casting Directors:

  1. Search and contact actors directly (see here for more on this)
  2. Post a Casting Call on our site:
    1. receive submissions from suitable actors (we automatically filter out actors who do not fit your casting criteria)
    2. view submitted actors from the casting page to compare and view their profiles

And note, by default your privacy settings mean actors will not be able to contact you directly nor see your email address, etc.