Your Acting Languages

How many languages can you act in?

When you make a profile on enCAST, you need to set your acting languages in the LANGUAGES TAB.

  2. Click on the LANGUAGES TAB

Acting Languages

This is a simple field with all the languages you speak. As you might be acting in these languages, make sure you speak them to a good to high level. If you can improvise in a language, include it here.

Note, you will not be able to apply for jobs asking for these languages if you have not included them in your profile so it’s important to fill out this field thoroughly.

When you save your edits, you will see these languages on your calling card.

Language Reels

Here is where you can upload a short sample of you speaking a language. Casting Directors will often check this out to see how you sound so it’s very important you have at least your Native languages here to be considered for roles which Casting Directors are actively looking to fill.

To add a language reel:

  2. Select the main language (remember, you can add different varieties, e.g. American English, British English, etc)
  3. Choose a level – this is checked manually so please only select NATIVE if the language is your mother-tongue
  4. Select a short language file to upload (see below)
  5. In the ACCENTS field, you can optionally include some detail of accents, e.g. As well as Standard Italian, I can speak Italian with a Sicilian accent.

Creating a Language Reel

Your Language Reel should be short – less than 1 minute in length and less than 3 MB in size, and in MP3 format.

If you don’t already have one, you can record one easily on your smartphone. But you do need to take care of the format.

  1. Find some simple text to read in the target language, e.g. the beginning of a Wikipedia article or some news
  2. Practice a couple of times and make sure it’s about 1 minute long
  3. Record yourself in the accent/language on your Smartphone

Since you can only upload MP3 files, depending on your smartphone app you might have to convert the file before you upload it. This is simple: Suppose your file is in AAC format – go online and search for an AAC TO MP3 online converter. There are many sites which do this for free: simply upload your AAC file and download the MP3 and upload that to enCAST.

This is a good free converter online: Convertio.

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