Contacting Actors

If you are a Casting Director, there are several ways to contact actors on our site.

1) Add a casting

If you know the type of actor you are looking for, you can simply add a new casting to the site and those actors who are interested will contact you with their details.

NB actors who don’t match the age/gender/location, etc will be filtered out so you won’t get contacted by actors who don’t match your needs.

2) Search + Contact

You can also use the search form to look for actors who might be suitable for your project. You can choose the country and then in the ‘free text’ box you can also choose a city. 

If you like the look of any of the actors, click on their profile and then under the main picture you might see a CONTACT ME button – simply click on this to send the actor a message.

What if there’s no CONTACT button?

A button may not show if

  • the casting director is not verified * 
  • the actor has chosen not to show it publicly

If you are not a verified casting director, see here about becoming verified – it’s very simple (and free of course).

Or, if an actor has chosen not to show the contact button on their profile you should:

  1. Make a note of the actor’s profile URL, e.g. – where xxx is the actor id
  2. Contact us here at enCAST admin with your message for the actor and we will pass it on to them for you


Note that there are limits in place to avoid flooding the system or spamming. You can normally contact up to about 5 actors per hour; after this you must wait until the system resets itself to contact more actors.

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