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The war in Ukraine is terrible and frightening.

And right now there are far more important issues there than making films. But we want to try and help in a practical way so for our part, for the duration and until further notice, we have decided that:

  • all Ukrainian actors on our system will be given full and free access to our resources and jobs to help them find acting work in Europe (simply contact us and we will make the upgrade free of charge; please send us any kind of document with your name/nationality on it)
  • we will no longer cast for productions from Russian or Belorussian production houses unless those houses have publicly denounced the war

We realize this is a drop in the ocean but we believe every little helps.

March, 2022

These are just a few of the talented Ukrainian actors on our books who are based across Europe. If you would like to contact any of them for your project, please get in touch and we will be happy to pass your message along.

Alisa Shakor
269, Ireland
Samanta Mitioglo
Odessa, Ukraine
Anna Zhukovskaya
219, Ukraine
Tania Lav
331, Netherlands
Vera Uzhik
220, Germany
Slava Babenkov
468, Ukraine
Alexandra Soroka
468, Ukraine
226, Germany
Olga Safronova
35, England
148, Belgium
Margo Swan
15, England
Maryna Hontaruk
468, Ukraine
Kseniia Kosarieva
219, Germany
Tacja Kali
322, Netherlands
82, Italy
Karyna Avvakumova
Wismar, Germany
465, Ukraine
Lilly Nagornaya
468, Ukraine
Iryna Mishchenko
219, Germany
Kate Bratchyna
219, Germany
Valery Reva
15, England
Kseniya Samborska
228, Germany
Victoria Mushtey
15, England
Alisa Voznesenska
219, Germany
Juliya Efimenko
Barcelona - Madrid, Spain
Oleg Karpenkoverified
219, Germany
Diana Yermachenko
219, Germany
Daria Zhuravel’
468, Ukraine
Maria Shtofa
165, Ukraine
Olya Pasichnyk
40, Scotland
Marta Mukha
426, Spain
446, Switzerland
Timur Ibraimov
291, Latvia
Khyzhna Karina
465, Ukraine
Julia Vyshnevska
269, Ireland
Anna Kudriavtseva
Newbridge, Ireland
Nicole Vystavna
191, Czechia
224, Ukraine
Worsaw, Ukraine
Anna Alsheva
219, Germany
Mariia Kyrychenko
Île de France, France
Denys Toliarenko
Los Angeles, United States of America
Sarah Kerdi
EU, Ukraine
Yulia Litvinenko
15, England
Yaryna Herechka
15, England
Vladimir Falchuk
Odessa, Ukraine
Artem Zhydkov
40, Scotland
Sofi Butusova
456, Turkey
Petro Krylov
468, Ukraine
Sergei Grab
420, Spain
Kate Vostrikova
15, England
Tilburg, Netherlands
Dariia Gomez
357, Poland
Valerya Marych
15, England
Olga Storozhuk
Nurnberg, Germany
Anna Chabak
Poland, Ukraine
Julia Samson
219, Germany
Maksym Belevych
148, Belgium
Katya Skripko
15, England
Elena Derkach
352, Poland
Iryna Vlasova
Bayern, Germany
Hryhoriy Naumov
468, Ukraine
Olga Trembach
357, Poland
Anna Pashchenko
191, Czechia
Yesenia Vitenko
489, Italy
Helga Stakhmych
15, England
Danny Kamensky
15, England
Anastasia Kor
165, Croatia
Hanna Novak
357, Poland
Yuliia Sobolverified
82, Italy
Dasha Miller
357, Poland
490, Germany
Julia Khamhil
Rimini, Italy
Nikita Petrosian
226, Germany
Natalie Boyko
68, Italy
Maria Hrekova
446, Switzerland
Nataliia Lutsiv
464, Ukraine
Mary Demydenko
191, Czechia