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Looking for great character roles! I'm fluent in Dutch and English, but also able to act in German, Swedish, Italian, French and Spanish if a script is available.
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Charlotte Quanjel, playing ages 25 to 35, female.

Drama/ Character roles
(I’d love a great period piece)

1.65 m, slim posture
Dark blonde, blue eyes

Skills: languages/ accents/ neuropsychologist

Hi there,

I’m Charlotte, currently living in Rhoon (near Rotterdam), but I’m happy to travel across or outside of Europe.

Acting has always been my absolute passion, but after high school I decided to go and study neuropsychology. Although I’m still very interested in everything related to the brain, I don’t see myself working as a psychologist for the rest of my life. So, I changed my path by taking a lot of lessons, courses and workshops in the acting field. I played in numerous short films to expand my network and I went to Los Angeles for a couple of months to take more classes and play in more productions. Up till now, I’ve played in several Dutch television series, feature films and commercials.

And now it’s time to take a bigger step and explore the working field outside of the Netherlands. Although I love the Dutch film market, my goal is to have an international career.

Since I was little I’ve always been interested in learning other languages and accents. For example, I loved to watch Swedish films and movies. They were subtitled in Dutch and therefore I picked up quite an amount of the language and I’m able to have a simple conversation in it. During my holidays in Italy, I was ‘forced’ to communicate in Italian with the friends I made, because they couldn’t speak English. Also, during these holidays, my love for the south of Italy and the Neapolitan accent and dialect grew more and more.
Dutch and English are the two languages I’m fluent in, but I have a good comprehension of other languages and I am definitely able to learn lines in any language and to act in them.
I love to take on character roles. I think, because of my psychological background, I have a great interest in how people become the way they are and I have a broad perspective in numerous character traits.

Hope to meet you some day!


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