About Us

Jenny is usually at our “virtual” front desk, answering your questions and helping you make the most of the site… and generally keeping everyone happy. She spent several years behind the camera in pre-production before joining enCAST.

Vittoria got involved in the film & acting industry by chance, but soon caught up with all there is to know about it. Italian by birth she also speaks English, Spanish and Greek and is our go-to person when things get multilingual.

Keith keeps the site up and running; he works alongside a number of other techies to make sure it all happens smoothly. Keith divides his time between enCAST and editing films on a freelance basis for various production houses.

Ella takes care of Social Media, ads, and so on and is very good at it; she is a very creative person and her artistic flair shows in the profile photo she chose for herself here.

Sal is our casting assistant who helps everyone when we help cast projects.

Simon helps a lot with our accounts and the financial side of things.

And last but not least, the utterly essential freelancers who bring so much to the site. To our mentors, hosts, marketers, writers, readers, proof-readers and everyone else: Thank you!

Our Story

enCAST was originally put together back in early 2015 by a group of friends – mostly actors and also a couple of casting agents – who shared castings amongst themselves to help each other find work. They basically passed around the castings they learned about in their respective countries: Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom. At that time it was very informal: everything happened through the exchange of a simple email with lots of CCs in place!

But it was obvious there was a demand amongst actors for a way to find work outside their local area and across borders, so the group grew steadily until it was clear that it needed full time people and a more robust system in place to serve the actors.

Finally in 2018 enCAST was set up formally as a Company, with full time staff and all, but always in keeping with the original ethos it began with: actors helping actors.

To this day all those who work for enCAST (both full time and part time) are either actors or have been involved in acting or casting in the past. Many, in fact, are all still involved in one way or another in the industry.


The site is owned and operated by enCAST: Sepapaja 6, Tallinn 15551, Estonia.

VAT EE102133943; contact here: www.encast.eu/contact.