Talent Agents on enCAST

Are you a Talent Agent looking for more work for your actors and ways to expand your business?

Then we might have the answer…

enCAST & Agents working together

When you have a (free) profile on enCAST you can:

  • offer you and your talents access to jobs right across Europe for all kinds of productions from smaller indie films to larger studio productions
  • apply to jobs suitable for your talents (including some jobs we post here which are exclusively for agents)
  • quickly & easily edit your actors’ profiles & skills, etc

And furthermore, if you don’t already have the right talent for the job then maybe we can help you find them!

Detailed benefits of a TA profile

After you make a Talent Agent profile on enCAST you will be able to:

  • Engage with all the actors here
  • View all the casting calls and get notified the moment they’re posted so you don’t miss out
  • Link with your own actors
  • Submit to jobs on behalf of your actors and keep track of all the submissions *
  • Edit your actors’ profiles to make sure they stand out
  • Promote your business

It doesn’t cost anything to join enCAST, and you can get a European wide perspective on the films being made here and give your talent an even wider market to explore!

As a Talent Agent you are free to join enCAST and create a profile here. It’s simple – when you register, make sure to select the Talent Agent option.

(And if you are an established talent agent, you can also become verified to give you even more benefits.)

When you have made your profile and become verified, simply link to your actors.

It’s that simple.

To make a Talent Agent profile on enCAST, click here.


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