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Finding Work for your Actors

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Once you have a Talent Agent profile on enCAST you can begin to work with your actors finding jobs for them. There are 2 ways to find work for your actors. In both cases your actors will need a profile on enCAST.

Submit for your actors

Firstly you can browse the castings and find suitable jobs and then submit to those jobs on behalf of your actors.

To make sure you know about suitable castings, make sure you have set your filters to get notifications for suitable castings to your inbox; matching castings are also shown here.)

When you check out the castings, each role will display one of these messages:

Click to submit :: Actor Name

This actor is suitable for the job; just click the button and you can complete a short form which is sent off to the production.

There are no actors on your books available for this job.

This means none of your actors match the profile of the role. You may need to check your actors’ profiles to make sure they are complete and sometimes your actors may need to upgrade to Pro-Actor in order to submit for the role.

It may also mean that you have already submitted for this role on behalf of your actors.

Direct Contact

A lot of Casting Directors browse our site to find actors suitable for their projects. When a CD finds an actor they like, they can contact them – or their agent – directly.

There is no need for you to do anything for CDs to contact you. This happens automatically.

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