Local Hire Only

Some jobs on enCAST are marked as Local Hire Only (LHO).

This means that the production will only take actors who live in the immediate area.

If a job is marked as LHO then you may not be able to submit to it if the city/country on your profile is too far away.

Why is this so?

This usually happens because the job is either non-paid, or low-paid and the production is unable to pay for your transport to and from the set along with your accommodation in the area. 

Some bigger jobs will also mark for LHO when the actor is expected to work on single days far apart. For example, if they need to be on set on Monday 1st and then for a single day two weeks later and then for a single afternoon 18 days after that. It is not financially sensible for the production to pay for an actor to stay several weeks in a hotel for just a few hours work.

But I still want to submit!

First off, consider these questions carefully:

  1. Can I pay for my own transport to the location each day?
  2. Do I have the time to travel to and from the location each day?
  3. Can I pay for my own accommodation for the duration of the shoot if I need to stay there?
  4. Is the job paid and is it financially viable for me to work on this project?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then don’t apply!


Suppose there is a LHO in Berlin and you live in Paris. And suppose you have accommodation in Berlin and find you will be there during the time of the shoot.

If you want to apply then you can do this but only if you genuinely have accommodation in city/country location on the casting. Importantly, though, you MUST be honest with the production. Tell them where you live and tell them about your accommodation and dates in the shoot location.

If you are accepted for a job and then decide it’s not worth you going there for no pay and such a short time then your reputation will suffer and you may well lose work in the future.

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