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Your profile on enCAST; how to create it, edit it, and make the most of it.

{:en}How many languages can you act in? When you make a profile on enCAST, you need to set your acting
All actors can add a showreel to their profile. Pro-Actors can add up to 15 showreels. This article explains how.
{:en}You can show several pictures on your profile. For actors these will be your headshots. This article explains how to
{:en}This short video explains how you can make an actor profile on enCAST. NB there is no narration, just background music.
{:en}When you add a CV to your profile, the following users will be able to open and see it: the
{:en}We hope that our site is useful to all actors, however you do have the option of deleting your account
This page is for actors; if you are a talent agent, see here. Actors and Talent Agents can be linked
Unlike other jobs, casting calls are allowed to specify the ethnicity of the character they are casting for (along with
On your profile you can include all kinds of information casting directors will find useful and search for. To add
Your Quick Intro is incredibly important so take some time to get it right. It is the first thing a
Your playing age is not your real but how old you look. For example, you might be 20 years old
We do not host videos directly on our site, but instead you can embed your video from YouTube or Vimeo
{:en}For Actors, your profile on enCAST does two important things: It shows the world who you are It lets you
Some casting calls ask for a specific ethnicity. You can set your ethnicities on your profile: Go to EDIT YOUR
Let people find you more easily! Your personal Vanity URL is simply a quick, easy to remember, address for your
When you visit your profile you'll see an item, PROFILE VIEWS. This shows how many people - guests, CDs, other
What is Media? By media, we mean CVs, headshots, showreels and language reels. All of these can be found when
The More About Me (MAM) section in your enCAST profile is where you can add in any other information you
At the top of your profile is your Calling Card and all users have this. As you can see above,
It is very useful to add your IMDB Profile link to your enCAST Profile. * To add it: Go to
Just as a showreel shows video clips of you in action, a language reel (aka soundfile or voicereel) is a
At times, productions come to us with an urgent request for an actor who may not have responded to email
{:en}Sometimes when you make a change to your profile an click to save, the form does not save and the
{:en}Every time you make changes to your profile, or if you just want to make sure everything is ok, then
This page explains how to change your basic profile information: Your professional name Your location (City/Country) Your playing gender *
This field on your profile shows where you are currently based. For Actors Choose the European country where you are
Casting Roles on enCAST are classified as either m/f = any/either/all gender m = male f = female To apply
Would you like a quick boost to your profile on the enCAST social media? Simply put, a boost is when
When you edit the media on your profile you will sometimes see a PRIVATE button like this: This button is available
When you set up your profile on enCAST, you can also specify exactly who is allowed to see it. Go
The MY LINKS section of your profile allows you to add links to websites outside of enCAST. For example you
The first field on your profile is Your Name. Note, that this is not your login or username on the
Sometimes, when you are changing your profile, an error might happen. You will see a message like the one above.
This article is all about checking your profile and help in making sure it's good. Once you have completed your
First, make sure you've set your notifications on your profile: edit your profile and go to the NOTIFICATIONS tab. Then,
Are you losing out on jobs? Do you need a professional to take your profile & acting to the next