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Vanity URLs

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Let people find you more easily!

Your personal Vanity URL is simply a quick, easy to remember, address for your profile on enCAST.

For example, your profile might be

If you tell anyone this, they will probably have a hard time remembering it or they might make a mistake writing the numbers down.

To make things easy, you can create your very own vanity url which is easy to remember, and easy to tell people about, e.g.

What does a vanity url look like?

A vanity URL consists of a domain and then a name you choose: domain/name

We have two domains and when you choose your name, it will work with both of them.

The domains look like this:


And you just add your chosen vanity URL name onto the end, e.g.:


Remember, you can use both domains so these both point to the same profile. So, for example,

What name can I have?

First, the name you choose must be unique. If someone else has already chosen the name you want you will have to choose a different one.

Names should be simple so people will remember them. And to make them simple, don’t include numbers, punctuation, accents, or anything else like this (except for a underscore, you have those). Also, they must use the Roman alphabet (a – z) and be in lowercase.

Good names include:

  • fred
  • smith
  • fredsmith
  • fred_smith
  • parisactor
  • mariarossi
  • maria_rossi
  • rossimaria

Think about the name when you say it: will anyone get confused and spell it wrong? A good idea is to tell someone the name and see if they can write it down easily and remember it!

Please note, we also check each name and will delete any that contain offensive words or which aren’t suitable.

Where can I use my vanity URL?


Spread it around so people will remember you and be able to find your profile easily:

  • add an automated signature to your emails and include your vanity url there
  • post in on your facebook/instagram/twitter profile, etc
  • make sure to include it in your CV

How can I get a vanity URL?

Go to MY PROFILE > MY VANITY URL and start choosing!

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