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George Tounas is an award-winning actor and filmmaker, best known for City Rush 3 (2023) with Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts, Dr. Jason (2022) and Reloaded (2021). He played in numerous films, TV series and commercials.
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George Tounas, playing ages 35 to 50, male.

George Tounas is an award-winning actor and filmmaker, best known for City Rush 3 (2023) with Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Eric RobertsDr. Jason (2022) and Reloaded (2021). He played in numerous films, TV series and commercials.

George attended the New York Film Academy in New York City where he completed a 4-week full-time actor training program with a diploma in 2005. In 2009 he completed a two months full-time professional actor training program with a certificate at the TVI Actors Studio again in New York City, when he lived for four months in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. On a short trip to Los Angeles in 2010 George had a one-day intensive master class at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre in Hollywood.

Actually George graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim in communication design in 2004, which is equivalent to Master of Fine Arts, and he is also an award-winning creative and art director, designer and front-end developer. He also studied at the TEI of Athens in Greece.

George was born as a Greek in Germany and has German and Greek citizenship. He is multi-lingual and speaks English, German and Greek fluently, and also some French. In 2010/11 he fulfilled voluntarily his military service as a soldier in the Greek Army.

He is very athletic and keeps in shape. George was one of the best long jumpers in Greece and Germany with jumps around 8 meters, participating several times at various championships. He is also a model and started on runways in the late 90s. George is still booked occasionally in various productions as a model.

He is married since 2012 and has two children.

Trivia: Hollywood legend Eric Roberts and Eliza Roberts told George Tounas that they love his creative ideas during their collaboration on City Rush 3 (2023).