How to Submit for a Casting

This page explains how actors can submit for a casting call on enCAST.

More details

First, you must be logged in and your profile should be complete with headshots and CV, etc. (Click here to learn how to complete your profile).

Next, visit the casting call itself. It will look something like this:

Now scroll down to the ROLES section and find the role you’d like to submit to. A typical role might look like this and you can see the CLICK TO SUBMIT link.

Note, if you do not see a CLICK TO SUBMIT link, you’ll see a message saying why you cannot apply, e.g. you are the wrong age for the role or the wrong gender, etc. For example:

In this example above, the gender of the role is different from the gender of the actor. Click here to learn more about these messages and what to do.

Click to Submit

If you see the link and are ok to submit, simply click on the CLICK TO SUBMIT link.

This will take you to a new page which shows your headshots, CVs, showreels and so on.

select which files to attach to your submission

Follow this instructions here. Usually this means you need to select:

  1. 2 headshots
  2. A CV
  3. And If you need to, a showreel or voicereel

When you have done this, you can write the email which will go off to the production company. (For a sample email, see here.)

And then, when you are ready, click the SUBMIT button to send your submission in.

No Submit button

Sometimes you will not see a SUBMIT button at the bottom of this page.

This means you have not ticked to select 2 headshots, your CV and a showreel – the SUBMIT button only appears when you’ve selected ALL the correct attachments.

Who can submit?

A number of castings on enCAST are open to all users. These are usually non-paid, expenses only, and extra jobs although sometimes other jobs will also be open.

To submit to other jobs, you might need to become a Pro-Actor; you can do this by subscribing here.

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