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I recently moved to Europe from New York. I am a graduate of NYU-Stella Adler Studio Conservatory. Just wrapped Baptist Season 2 (Netflix), portraying Anna Olasz (supporting role). My screen credits are in film, television, commercial; stage credits in classical theater and movement theater.
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Fruzsina Nagy, playing ages 20 to 30, female.

I graduated from NYU-Stella Adler Studio Conservatory in 2016 in New York City. I just wrapped Baptist Season 2 (Netflix), I played Anna Olasz, supporting role. In the period drama series 'Land of the brave'  RTL,  portrayed the Austrian Baroness Hilda Rokoczay (aired earlier this year). I portrayed Fly Mother in the award winning movie Aglaja, that won Best Film at the Monte-Carlo Television & Film Festival in 2013. After graduating from the conservatory program in New York, I starred in the Academy Award winning student short film Opera of Cruelty by Max. A. Fedore as Victim in 2017. The same year, I played the lead in I ran, portraying a struggling immigrant mother of Ukrainian origins in New York. The movie was nominated for best political short film in Cape Town Film Festival. My New York stage credits include the lead role of Safira in Norma Jeane was a brunette at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre in 2017.