Why can’t I submit to a Casting Call?

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To submit your profile to a casting notice on enCAST, you will normally click on the CLICK TO SUBMIT link on the role:

submit here

However, sometimes this link will not be there. Instead, there will be a message telling you why you cannot submit…

Reasons why you cannot submit

1. Your profile is not complete

The most common reason an actor cannot submit is because their profile is not complete. So, before anything else, make sure your profile is complete.

2. You are not logged in

you must login

Only registered users, who are logged in, can apply. 

Solution: Log in to the site.

3. You are not a Standard or Pro actor

standard or pro actors

Some castings are open to all users; some are only open to Standard or Pro actors.

Solution: Click here to upgrade to Standard or Pro status.

4. You are not local hire

local hire only

Some jobs take local actors only. To read more about this and how you can submit, see here.

5. The casting is closed

casting closed

Sorry, you are too late. The casting is no longer open and no more applications can be accepted.

To avoid this in future, make sure you set your account to receive casting notifications each time we post a casting call suitable for you.

6. You need headshots to apply to this casting


Most castings require that you have at least 1 or 2 headshots uploaded to your profile.

Solution: Edit your profile to make sure you have uploaded 2 headshots. See Your Profile Pictures for more on this.

7. You need a CV to apply to this casting


Most castings ask for a CV attachment. This means you have to have at least 1 CV uploaded to your profile.

Solution: Edit your profile to make sure you have uploaded a CV in PDF format. See How to Add a CV to your Profile for more on this.

8. You have already applied to this casting

already applied

You can only apply to castings once; this message means you have already applied.

Note that you can’t apply to more than one role per casting; the CD doesn’t want to get half a dozen applications of you for the same film. They’re intelligent people and realise that if you aren’t suitable for the role you applied to, then you might be better suited to another role.

9. This casting is open only to other genders

wrong gender

In your profile you’ve selected male or female; although we encourage casting directors to think of gender irrelevant casting, mostly they’ll specify what they want.

10. You are the wrong playing age

wrong age

In your profile you put a minimum playing age and a maximum playing age. If you really think you can apply for the role even though it’s outside your current playing age, you’ll need to go and change the age range in your profile and then reload the casting notice.

11. You do not speak the language


In your profile you can include any number of languages which you are skilled in (and can improvise in; this is important). If the casting asks for a language which you know, then make sure it’s in your profile too along with a language reel for that language.

12. You are not the right ethnicity

wrong ethnicity

You can have one or more ethnicities in your profile. As well as very general ethnicities like White or Black or Asian, you can also select more specific ones – if they apply to you, of course – such as Mediterranean or Eastern European, etc.

13. You need to have a showreel or voicereel in the right language

showreel language

Some roles require you to have a showreel or voicereel in a certain language to apply. You will need to have these in your profile.

14. You need additional details to submit

special documentation needed

Some roles need more details in your profile, eg:

  • documentation (passport, covid, licence, etc)
  • skills: dancing, sports, musical instrument etc

To set these, go to edit your profile and add them in the Extra Info tab.

Agent Specific Messages

If you are registered as an agent and are trying to submit on behalf of one of your actors, you may see one of the messages above. In addition you may see this message:

You don’t have any actors on your books available for this job.

This means that none of the actors who you are linked to are suitable for this job. Perhaps the actors you have aren’t the right age or gender; or they are not yet Pro-Actors. You will need to check the specs for the actor you wish to submit to confirm this.