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Valerya Marych
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location: London, England
Valerya Marych, a Ukrainian actress, playing ages 20 to 30, female. Studied acting at Kharkiv National University Of Arts (). I can sing, dance, speak Ukrainian, Russian and English. No visa required for EU and the UK
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Valerya Marych - Aurora "
Valerya Marych - Tonya "I
Valerya Marych - Caroline
Valery Marych - Allison "
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Valerya Marych, playing ages 20 to 30, female.

My name is Valerya Marych, and I'm an actress. I'm Ukrainian and I can speak Ukrainian (native), Russian (native) and English (very well). Also I can sing and dance.


Documents & Licences
  • EU Proof of Covid Vaccination, UK Settled Status, EU/EEA/EFTA Passport
Sports: volleyball, running/jogging, cycling, horse riding
Dance: hip hop, contemporary, modern
Singing: musical theatre