Anna Kudriavtseva
a pro actor on enCAST
location: Cork, Ireland
I've been a professional actor for 3 years now. I have appeared in a few projects, all roles were different: nice nanny, who turns out to be a murderer; on the other hand: a shy, comedic agent of Mossad. In theatrical/musical projects, I am often cast as charismatic, expressive characters.
Showreel Scene
Monologue from "Lungs"
An Sean Duine Óg
[Gaeilge (Irish)]
Hanna Kudriavtseva_CV
Language Reels
I can switch to American accent, if needed :)
Anna Kudriavtseva, playing ages 22 to 32, female.

Physical Basics

  • height: 180
  • weight: 90 kg
  • eyes: brown-green
  • hair: brown, middle length
  • tattoos: no

I am opened to any voice projects, as voicing over a children's book or a cartoon, as well as a creepy detective thriller is my dream. I am a professional singer, in case you need a singing actor - I am here for you. Passionate for dramatic parts, but always opened to comedy ones - that is a good challenge for any actor, and - it is fun!

    Dance: ballet
    Instruments: piano/keyboards