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Hryhoriy Naumov
a pro actor on enCAST
location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Hi, I’m Hryhoriy Naumov, - I’m a professional actor based in Kyiv, Ukraine I’m young, 22 yr old, I’ve already had some experience on the set, though I’m a quick learner! I act in English in different accents (American,Eastern European,Russian,a little bit of British),Ukrainian and Russian-native
Hryhoriy Naumov admin headshot
Hryhoriy Naumov
Hryhoriy Naumov, playing ages 16 to 25, male.

I have some skills in fencing, horseback riding, I’m good at playing the guitar and sports ( such as football or basketball).
I can dance in any genre, that you want me to, because I think I got the moves)

My measurements:

My height - 177cm

    Sports: volleyball, swimming, table tennis, horse riding, running/jogging, football/soccer
    Dance: contemporary, hip hop
    Singing: musical theatre
    Instruments: acoustic guitar, electric guitar