Nataliia Lutsiv
a pro actor on enCAST
languages: English, German, Ukrainian
Greets, everyone! I'm an amateur actress who is ready to dive into the acting world. I can play various roles in the English language. I speak both British and American accents. Ready to relocate if the casting demands it. I've played different roles and literally get hooked on the process.
A spooky house
"Gone Girl" monologue
He's behind me.
Dead Dad Girl Audition
Nataliia Lutsiv, playing ages 17 to 30, female.

My basic skill is to transform into a lot of characters, no matter whether they are females or males. I am quite an energetic and positive person and I can easily adapt to new conditions (if they are not worse, of course).  These showreels are made only by me. I enjoyed the process of shooting the videos. It was fun even though I was the only actor ;D
Now more about my appearance:

Hair color: Blond
Eyes color: Green

Height: 162 sm

Weight: 51 kg

Travelling is the sense of my life at this moment. This is another reason why it won't be super hard for me to relocate to a new country to take part in the casting. I want to make my dreams come true because the war in Ukraine showed that life is very short and you don't need to take good people and big opportunities for granted. 
Character traits I appreciate the most are kindness and sincerity ♥
Hope you are going to take me seriously and give me a chance to become a part of your acting family. 
Nataliia L.

Documents & Licences
  • EU/EEA/EFTA Passport
Sports: cycling
Dance: modern, jazz
Singing: jazz, musical theatre