I submitted a casting call, when will it appear on the website?

After you submit a casting call, it goes to Admin where we’ll check it.

Following these checks (see below) the casting will usually go live within 1 working day. If we receive the casting call in the morning (CET) then it will usually be posted that same afternoon.

This is, assuming we do not need to get back in touch with the production for clarification, etc.

What do we look at?

In general we make sure the casting abides by our general rules on the types of castings we accept (see Acceptable/Offensive Casting Calls) and the origin of the casting.

We also look at the legitimacy of the casting and make sure – to the best of our ability – that it is genuine.

Following these checks we may get back in touch with the production for clarification or additional information.

For more on this, feel free to get in touch with us.

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