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location: Berlin, Germany
languages: English, English, German
Kiana Klysch is a bilingual actress with film, TV and high profile commercial credits. Next she can be seen in PLEASE RISE alongside Cannes-Best Actress winner Zar Amir-Ebrahimi, as well as the feature film ONE LIFE starring Sir Anthony Hopkins and Helena Bonham Carter.
Showreel 2023
Kiana Klysch - CV 2023
Language Reels
US-English (native speaker)
British English (very good)
German (native speaker)
Kiana Klysch, playing ages 18 to 30, female.

Physical Characteristics:

  • Height: 5'7  (170cm)
  • Body type: slim
  • Eye color: brown
  • Hair color: brown

English-American (NATIVE), English-British (HIGH STANDARD), German (NATIVE), French (BASIC), Farsi (BASIC)

Often plays endearing, caring and responsible characters who might have to overcome great adversity.

Represented by: Friends Connection Agency

Documents & Licences
  • EU/EEA/EFTA Passport
Instruments: acoustic guitar, piano/keyboards