Your Subscription

To access the full features of enCAST and become a Pro-Actor, you can subscribe to enCAST.

How to Subscribe

You should already have a profile on the site

  1. Login to enCAST
  2. Go to the Subscription Page and select the type of subscription you want.

Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Card & PayPal

By default, payment is by Credit or Debit Card through a secure system. 

Note that you should be logged in before making payment; this way the payment is linked to your profile. In addition, the credit or debit card does not have to be in your name as again, it will be linked to your profile.

Alternatively you can also pay by PayPal:


To pay using your PayPal account:

  1. Visit this page: enCAST – PayPal Subscribe
  2. Click on the subscription you want 
  3. After you put in your email & country, you will see a window like this:

  4. Click on the PayPal button and follow the instructions to pay using your PayPal account.


By default VAT is already included in the price and we are not able to issue a VAT invoice after payment has been made. However, during your initial subscription you can include your VAT number to claim this back.

To include your VAT details in your subscription please see this page: Claiming VAT Reverse Charge on Your Subscription

Your Current Subscription

To view the details of your current subscription, go to MY PROFILE > MY SUBSCRIPTION.

Terms of Use details

For details of subscriptions, recurrence, refunds and cancellations, please see the relevant section on our Terms of Use page here: Subscriptions, Refunds & Cancellations.

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