What we saw right – and wrong – in your Self-Tapes

enCAST recently helped pre-cast a political thriller film in Europe and received over 100 submissions for self-tapes. While some were great, many lacked a professional touch. Here are some tips to improve your self-tapes:

  1. Submission Email: Provide essential information briefly, include a link to your self-tape, and avoid unnecessary details.

  2. Links: Double-check your links to ensure they work correctly.
  3. No Excuses: Avoid explaining problems or challenges in your email or self-tape. Just focus on delivering your best performance.

  4. Self-Tape Tips:

    • Add a title card at the beginning and end of your tape with your name, contact email, and role.
    • Send your best take only and only include a slate if requested.
    • Record your self-tape in landscape mode.
    • Ensure clear and audible sound; consider using a lapel mic.
    • Avoid basic shooting problems: use a tripod, don’t look directly at the camera, keep the scene unbroken, and use ample lighting with a clutter-free background.
  5. Final Tips:

    • Only one actor should be in the frame.
    • Memorize your lines; avoid reading from a script.
    • Use an off-screen partner to read the other part – don’t do it alone.
    • End your self-tape with a few seconds of silence instead of abruptly cutting the scene.

Follow these tips to enhance your self-tapes for better audition opportunities.

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