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How to create a brilliant a self-tape; how to prepare and ace an audition. And more!

This webinar deals with the ins and outs of making that perfect self-tape. Our guest panellists - Anthony Skordi and
{:en}Nudity in a film is fine as long as everyone knows all about it - and agrees with it -
Every so often a casting will ask for an "about me" self-tape introduction where you talk about yourself for the
enCAST recently helped pre-cast a political thriller film in Europe and received over 100 submissions for self-tapes. While some were
It sometimes happen. You get a request for a self-tape with 3 or 4 pages of dialogue and just a
It's rare to get in-depth feedback on your audition, but we were lucky enough to get just that for this
As actors, we all attend hundreds of auditions and perhaps book just a handful of them. Here professional actor and
Casting or Audition Workshops are a valuable resource in the world of acting, offering aspiring actors the opportunity to hone
Before you make the decision to submit for an acting job, it's important to consider 4 main criteria. These will