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BULGARIA: actors (m/f) 18-40, English spkrs, for short action film [E]

ref # 228870

closing date: Thursday, 5th October, 2023 (week 40)

project title: SCP
production type: short film
pay: expenses

looking for actors
based in/around: Bulgaria

about the project

International production is on the look out for actors located in Bulgaria or somewhere in the Balkans, to play a team of elite soldiers and operatives in their short film.

The SCP foundation is sending Elite Force Lynch (EFL) in for a new mission. There have been reports of anomalies and missing people in the area. EFL’s mission is to infiltrate the area as a scouting party to retrieve information about the anomaly and possibly the SCP as well. Their missions seemingly goes well until strange things start happening.

About the Production Team: We are a new, yet passionate team of filmmakers who believe that making a good movie which your fanbase will love and appreciate is more important than just making a quick cash grab and moving on to the next project as for such our goal is to make sure that everyone involved on and off the screen will have a good time and get recognized for their work.

Shooting in the Vitosha Mountains near Sofia, Bulgaria.

We offer:
- A great opportunity to get acting experience and recognition in a famous creepy-pasta/horror/action franchise with a big and very passionate fanbase on an international level.
- Free food and drinks on set.
- Covered travel and housing expenses if related to the work on the project.
- A full-blown party with the whole team working on the project at the end of shooting.

We are looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | male
playing age: 18 - 28
role languages: English
General Role Description: Elite soldiers
male ( 18-28 )
Your squad is one of the most elite ones in The Foundation. You have went to countless missions together and this would not just be ,,another day in the office''. You would need to think out of the box in order to complete your mission while trying to survive. Basically you are a soldier in a pretty difficult and challenging situation. If you have any experience in combat or CQC that would be considered an advantage.

Detailed character descriptions:

Main characters:

- SOLDIER 1-2 – Callsign: RADAR. Operative. 2nd in command
He is the tech member in the team. He is very intelligent, more intelligent than everyone on the team, including the squad leader and he does not hide it. He is responsible for making sure all the technology of the team stays operational throughout the whole mission. He can go into the Foundation database and look for info. Sometimes has a bit of a friendly banter/grudge with Burner. Carries his equipment on every mission to no exception.

- SOLDIER 1-4 – Callsign: BURNER. Operative.
A little bit chubby, but still the main muscle of the team. The comedic character. He is very physically strong. The team uses him for all the ,,blowing up parts'' or in other words he is their demolition expert(as he would proudly crown himself).He likes to seek recognition by his teammates who are too busy with their work and see his ambition to stand out so much as childish. While he jokes around a lot , when things start getting serious, so does he. Sometimes has a bit of a friendly banter/grudge with Radar.

- SOLDIER 1-5 – Callsign: MINX. Lynch Operative.
He is the youngest member of the group with the least experience(basically a rookie in the elite squad). He is going to be a father soon so he is a bit nervous and afraid of how things will go. He feels a responsibility to get back home for his unborn child and his wife as he doesn't want to leave them without a husband/father. Some of his teammates are uncertain if he would be able to continue working with them because of his doubts. He is a historian and a translator to his team.


If you are interested, please send:
- CV with a few pictures of yourself.
- Showreel( if you have one).
- Motivational letter.
- Small video of you acting out the character you are applying for. (optional)

role 2 | actors | m/f
playing age: 20 - 40
role languages: English
Secondary characters
m/f (20-40)

- SOLDIER 1-6 Callsign: LUMA
He is the Medic of the squad, but do not underestimate him as while he is certainly a healer like no other, he is ready to punch hard if medicine is not appropriate for the situation.

- TOC (Tactical Operations Center):
Receives orders from the Mission briefer and provides commands to 1-1 SIMBA(or the next in command). SIMBA reaches out to TOC from time to time in order to update them on the operation. TOC receives the information, consults with the mission briefer and gives permissions or further instructions to SIMBA on how he would need to proceed. In a summary TOC is the communication between the squad and their commander.


If you are interested, please send:
- CV with a few pictures of yourself.
- Showreel( if you have one).
- Motivational letter.
- Small video of you acting out the character you are applying for. (optional)