ROMANIA: male/female extras, 16-30, English spkrs, for a shoot in Bucharest

This is a Casting Call for: male/female extras playing age: 16-30 based in/around Bucharest, Romania speaking fluent ENGLISH Production Details: type: a shoot titled: CRONICA CARCOTASILOR payment: contact for details for Tuesday 27th Feb for 2-3 hours in Bucharest Please send your application in ENGLISH only and include a link to your showreel with the subject …

ROMANIA: male/female actors, 18-40, Romanian spkrs, for a theatre production

This is a Casting Call for: male/female actors for the 2017/2018 season playing age: 18-40 based in/around Bucharest, Romania speaking fluent ROMANIAN Production Details: type: a theatre production payment: contact for details Stela Popescu Theater in Bucharest casting Monday, September 4, 2017, at the National Children’s Palace, Sala Mica Casting will consist of presenting an artistic …

ROMANIA: male actor, 11-14, native German spkr for shoot

For a forthcoming shoot, looking for: male actor playing age: 11-14 speaking perfect German as native speaker (preferably “Hochdeutsch”) resident in Budapest Drama school and / or  acting experience an advantage Shooting on July 3 2017.   Please send your application in Hungarian only and include a link to your showreel.

ROMANIA: female actor, 18-30, Romanian spkr, for film

For a forthcoming film, looking for: 2 female actors as ALEXANDRA and MARIA playing age: 18-30 nudity required speaking very good ROMANIAN Good Girl is an American/Bulgarian/Italian co-production. Synopsis: A young immigrant girl in a big European city has three months deadline to make the money necessary to save her family she left in Romania. Paid as …

ROMANIA: f/m, 16-24, Romanian spkrs for film

For upcoming film, looking for female actor playing age: 20-23 type: beautiful brunette; tattoos & piercings are a plus but not required female actor playing age: 19-22 type: blonde female actor playing age: 16-17 type: brunette male actor playing age: 20-24 type: tall and attractive with driving licence CASTING on MONDAY 30th AND TUESDAY 31st January 2017. Please apply in Romanian …

ROMANIA: female actor, 20-30, English spkr, for horror [P]

For a horror filming in Romania, looking for: female actor playing age: 20-30 comfortable with some nude scenes fit, athletic (there is some running!) speaking very good English Synopsis: A travelling salesman breaks down in the middle of nowhere; that’s how his nightmare begins. Paid; shooting for 3 weeks in March in Romania. Please send your application in ENGLISH only!

ROMANIA: female presenter, 25-40, multi-lingual, for tv [P]

For the role of tv presenter, looking for: female actor/presenter playing age: 25-40 good communication skills & experience in front of the camera speaking perfect ROMANIAN speaking excellent ENGLISH also very fluent in one of these languages: German Bulgarian Polish Slovak This is for presenting jewellery; the job is based in Budapest for at least 6 months. Well …

ROMANIA: f, 24-35, Romanian spkr for theater performance

The Teatrul de pe Lipscani is looking for: female actor, for the role of Didina Mazu in the song “D’ale Carnavalului”, I.L.Caragiale playing age: 24-35 speaking perfect Romanian The show will be on January 29, 2017 Please send your application in Romanian only. 

ROMANIA: female actor, 24-35, Romanian spkr, for theatre

The Teatrul de pe Lipscani is looking for: female actor playing age: 24-35 speaking perfect ROMANIAN resident in Bucharest For the role of Didina Mazu in D’ale Carnavalului. Auditions on Jan 29th. Please send your application in ROMANIAN only – include your phone number please.

ROMANIA: children with good English

Description characters “brothers / sisters” L = local actors only P = paid – Boy 8-11 years, brown hair / blonde, blue eyes, very good knowledge of English; – Girls 8-11 years old, brown hair / blonde hair, blue eyes, very good knowledge of English; For details, contact IN ROMANIAN

ROMANIA: American/British/Other foreign actors required for commercial

For a commercial shooting on 25th August the following actors are required: * Mary female 30 years old, preferably American, blonde * John, male 30 years old, preferably American * Sally, female, 20 years old, beautiful, dark * male, Barbat 30/35 years old, very elegant * Russian-Agent, male 30-40 years harsh features, Russian speaker * …

ROMANIA: German speaking translators for film

We are looking for German speaking translators available from 15 -22 August (approximately 12 hours / day). These persons will be translators for the crew. The fee is 150 USD / day     Contact Person: Florin Rusen    

ROMANIA: arab female actor URGENT

URGENT CASTING CALL for the lead role in the soap opera the SECRET: 18-22 year old very beautiful, talented, brunette, Arab or Arab looking (brunette with black eyes) Must live in Bucharest Call Elena Giurgiu 074 433 3447 for details.