Natalia Fasankova
a pro actor on enCAST
location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Natalia Fasankova is a Slovak actress. She works in theatres in Žilina and Bratislava. She is 27 years old, 1.66 metres tall and has 60 kilograms. She has done work on television and student and independent movies.
Changes of emotions
CV 1
Natalia Fasankova, playing ages 23 to 35, female.

Very versatile actress. Her most pronounced feature is strong bone structure, which makes her quite striking in front of a camera. She is also unusually pale. She is size 38, 166cm tall and her weight is 60 kilograms.

Documents & Licences
  • EU/EEA/EFTA Passport, EU Proof of Covid Vaccination
  • Car Licence
Sports: swimming, volleyball, table tennis, football/soccer, skiing, cycling, running/jogging, weightlifting
Dance: ballroom, contemporary, modern
Singing: jazz, musical theatre
Other: stage combat training