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location: Rome, Italy
Yuliia Sobol- Ukrainian award-winning actress based in Italy. Her recent work includes a prominent role as Gemina-a character entwined in a complex web of relationships in Domina Season 2. The series is available on MGM+ in the U.S. and is set to debut in Europe on NOW and Sky Atlantic in the fall.
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short Film "Faith"
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native speaker
native speaker
As well as Standard Italian, I can speak Italian with a nordic and Eastern European accent.
As well as Standard English, American English and British English I can speak English with Eastern European accent.
Yuliia Sobol, playing ages 18 to 30, female.

Represented in Europe by GM Talents (Tina Milevcic)
My contact email: juliasobol95@gmail.com

height: 168
weight: 50kg
eyes: blue 

hair : blond 


My skills include : driving car, piano , boxing, painting. 


Documents & Licences
  • Car Licence
Sports: martial arts
Instruments: piano/keyboards