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location: Limassol, Cyprus
languages: English, German, Greek
Inessa Kraft is a professional actress with more than 15 years of working experience worldwide. Interested in philosophy and human nature, Inessa loves portraying adventurous and philosophical characters, and focused on inspirational, educational, and travel films, videos, and advertisements.
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Inessa Kraft, playing ages 27 to 40, female.

Inessa Kraft’s portfolio includes work for: ministries of tourism, the UN, viral videos with over 100M+ views, comedy TV series, and award-winning independent films.

Her topics are sustainability, education, connecting cultures, adventures.

  • I love portraying adventurous and philosophical characters; whether happy or sad, nice or evil, they are always inspiring

  • Acting as the art of “living” instead of “acting mechanically” fascinated me, so I studied acting and chose it as my profession.

  • I value a creative atmosphere, and happy to bring my positive attitude. I'm comfortable following directions closely, ensuring your vision is realized with precision, or if needed - also capable of offering creative alternatives if you're looking for options.

Skills (professional performance level): Argentinean tango, Horse riding, Comedy improv

Location:  Having a home base in Cyprus, Inessa embraces a location-independent lifestyle, living and filming in numerous cities around the world.


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  • Car Licence
Sports: horse riding