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An English media artist with over 30 media art festivals since 2002 currently based in Switzerland known for interactive video. Now a drama podcast writer and producer.


The following can be viewed together with fuller artistic statements at http:// ianflitman.com

'Jane' (2007-2016)

A scripted dialogue that generates its own films and allows user interaction to craft scenarios for playback as video. Two men talk about a woman they share, the eponymous Jane. Meaning follows form as the pieces is about the unstable vagaries of human desire. It seeks to extend cinema often while referring to it in the midst of its absurd black box theatre setting. Web and single or two channel installation.

'The People' (2010)

This is a series of films of people listening to the poem ‘The People’ by WB Yeats. Users can choose the number and identity of the listeners, who they listen to, and what background music and sonic atmospherics accompany them. By doing so, it both reflects the central message of the poem and reformulates the film soundtrack itself.

'Hackney Girl' (2001-2003)

This is a self-editing video diary about the artist moving from London to Istanbul in 2002. A road movie and love story, Hackney Girl reconstitutes the act of watching film into an exercise in pattern recognition as viewers compare differently nuanced versions of the same narrative.

Exhibition History

'Jane' (2016)

• International Art Fair JustMAD7, Madrid , January 24, 2016 (prototype one channel installation)

• 2nd EX Experimental New Media Art Prize (Special Mention) Madrid, January

• Digital Muddy Expanded Media Festival, Southern Illinois University, March 1, 2016

• ISEA, International Symposium of Electronic Art, Hong Kong , May 16, 2016 (prototype two channel installation)

• Webby Awards 2016, Online Video / Weird Category: Web Honoree

'The People' (2010)

• 15th International Video Festival VIDEOMEDEJA, Novi Sad, Serbia, December 2011
• ACM Multimedia 2011 Conference, Arizona, USA, November 2011

• Japan Media Art Festival, February 2011 • VideoPhagy / VideoFagia, Toronto, Canada, October 2010

• Cologne OFF VI, online and various venues worldwide, August 2010

• Fonlad Digital, Web Art Show in UAVM Virtual Museum, Coimbra, Portugal, October 2010

• Flash in The Can Festival 2010, Toronto , May 2010 (Finalist in Best Sound category)

'Hackney Girl' (2003)

• Pictura Festival, Dordrecht, Holland, May 2009

• Visions in The Nunnery 2009, London, UK, April 2009

• CologneOFF (Online Film Festival) 'Here We Are', Dec 2008

• Museum of Contemporary Art (MACZUL), Maracaibo Venezuela, Oct 1-8 2008

• Brunswick St Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia, June 2008

• FILE festival, part of 8 year retrospective show at Porto Alegre Brazil, April 2008

• Director’s Lounge, Berlin Germany, March 2008

• Discussed at length in Hypertext 3.0 by George P. Landow, Jan 2006

• FILE festival, Brazil, part of the hyper-cinemativity (screening) Nov 2005

• Javamuseum, Cologne, Ecstasy online showcase exhibition, last in a series of 18, June 2005

• Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival, April 2004

• Stuttgart Filmwinter, online section, Jan 2004

• Media Art Festival Friesland, Holland, Oct 2004
• Artonica Bogota, Columbia, Oct 2004

• European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck, Germany, May 2004

• Flash In The Can Festival, Toronto, Canada, April 2004 (Award-winner in Story and Narrative Category)

• San Diego International Film Festival, April 2004

• Subject of talk given by invitation to the Interactive Cinema Research Group headed by Glorianna Davenport at MIT in Boston, USA. Sept 23 2003 Recommended reading for two of its courses: • Experiences in Interactive Art • Interactive and Non-Linear Narrative

• Featured in curated art net portal, Rhizome.org, New Museum of Contemporary Art, NY, June 2003