NETHERLANDS: actors (m/f) 20-35, Dutch spkrs, for short film in Zwolle/Den Bosch [E]

ref # 201524

closing date: This casting is now closed

project title: Lieve Piet
production type: short film
pay: expenses

looking for: /
based in/around: Den Bosch, Netherlands

about the project

For ‘Lieve Piet’ a fiction film of 25 minutes.

The film is about ria, a middle-aged housewife who loses all hope of moving on after the death of her husband. Aside from her children she has nothing for which she lives anymore and she wants nothing more than to be with her husband again. Clinging to the past leads her into ever deeper physical, mental and financial problems. Flashbacks to the past of Ria and her husband Piet are used a lot during the film. such as the couple’s engagement in a church, their first date and raising the young children.

Shooting in Utrecht 2 & 12 April. The shooting on April 2 is in a characteristic house near Zwolle. The shooting on April 12 is in a church near Den Bosch.

For all shooting days we will provide catering with breakfast, lunch and dinner and a travel allowance. We can also pick up the actress and actor and/or bring them home if necessary. During the shooting days, there is the possibility for the actors to sleep on location in their own single bedroom.

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | female
playing age: 20 - 35
role languages: Dutch
f, 20-35
Ria has been anxious and shy since childhood. She is warm hearted and will do anything for people close to her but she doesn't like new people. Later she also gets street fear. In the time that she is together with Piet it gets less but never goes away.
role 2 | actors | male
playing age: 20 - 35
role languages: Dutch
m, 20-35
Piet is a real durval. He is tough, adventurous, extroverted, spontaneous and cheerful. He is warm-hearted and a real family person, he can't wait to start a family with Ria.

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