NETHERLANDS: actors (f) 25-60 English spkrs, for short film in Amsterdam/Rotterdam [E]

ref # 163958

closing date: This casting is now closed

production type: short film
pay: expenses

looking for:
based in/around: NOORD BRABANT, Netherlands

about the project

For a short film to be produced by students of Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Concept of the film:
In a messy house, a middle-aged woman, Lotte, who recently lost her beloved daughter is trying to get out of the house and out of the prison of her mind by visiting her daughter’s grave. However, she is prevented from moving forward by her own mother, a controlling and fearful woman.

The shooting will last 2-3 days, in an apartment in Bred, Rotterdam or Amsterdam in May (May 20th-May 22th).

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | female
playing age: 25 - 35
role languages: English
Lotte Willemse, Role: Protagonist

She is a middle-aged woman (around 25-35), with blond hair and hazel eyes. Her figure is slim with some curves. She wears the same clothes every day, her hair is messy, her house is uncleaned all the time. Most people think that she does not really care about things, that she is selfish. Some think that is why her husband left her. The fact that she has not gone to her job for a year has people wondering, mostly criticising her of how she pays for everything. Generally, people see her, as a failed mother who now only cares about herself. She has an empty look in her eyes, as she is navigating around the house aimlessly, with heavy steps.

True character: She is a person who used to give a lot of love, but now that she does not have someone to give that love to, she does not care even for herself. Her fears, insecurities, depressed emotions are what actually happens in reality, rather than the wrong idea the outside world has about her. Her attitude is a reaction of her mental state. She is afraid of going out, accepting the actual truth and she prefers to guard herself and her emotions. She is trapped in her own thoughts, and that makes her vulnerable and scared.
role 2 | actors | female
playing age: 50 - 60
role languages: English
Lara Willemse Role: Antagonist-

In reality, Lara is a ghost of Lotte’s fiction. It is a projection of her own feelings and grief. So, in a way the antagonist (the one who prevents her of going out) is actually her own mind and emotions.

Characterization: She is an old woman (around 50), with grey hair and blue eyes. Her figure is very strict and stoic, she has a very defined posture, and she is a bit rude and intimidating. She wears formal clothes with cold undertones that sometimes look a bit anachronistic. She has a very judging look, and she thinks she is above all things. Most people are afraid of her, they think she is capable of everything. Of course, that also translates with the upbringing of her kid, Lotte. Even though Lotte was always trying to rebel against her awful controlling methods that does not mean she did not make Lotte feel insecure. Her family always had the impression that Lara cared most for their reputation rather than their feelings and well-being.

True character: This whole attitude and character she has created for herself is her inner and twisted way of showing her love. She has a hard time expressing her feelings, and that sometimes hides her true intentions, which always were to provide the best to her daughter. She likes things to be in control and most of the times this leads her to perfectionistic tendencies. She always does it because she wants to protect her daughter, even with this way of showing love.

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