GERMANY: Featured extras (m/f) 28-53 German/English spkrs, for music video in Berlin [P]

ref # 160983

closing date: This casting is now closed

production type: music video
pay: paid

looking for:
based in/around: Berlin, Germany

about the project

For a music video produced by TWO STEPS TWICE.

Fee:89euro (6.5 hrs of shooting)

Shooting in Fentange between 10.04 and 14.04.22 

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | m/f
playing age: 28 - 53
role languages: German/English
In their first short film, TUYS become Reality Management Ltd., a corporation selling custom-made realities to clients who would like to escape the so-called truth. The frame story, which for the most part comes without music but with dialogue, is set in Reality Management Ltd.’s headquarters. Based on an upper floor of a brutalist building, the firm is made up of a team of 15 employees. They are divided into different departments and positions such as the art direction, IT or the reception.
You will be playing one of these employees, dressed in grey / light 80s /90s office clothing.

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