HUNGARY: actors (m/f) 18-30, English spkrs, for advert/spot in Sofia (BG) [P]

ref # 177806

closing date: This casting is now closed

production type: advert/spot
pay: paid

looking for:
based in/around: Hungary

about the project

For an advertisement for an international household product brand. The promoted product is a steam-operated device that replaces the iron.

Shooting: August 23-24, 2022, 1-2 days of shooting, in Sofia (Bulgaria)

Fitting: August 21 or 22, 2022.

Director’s callback: (in the form of a ZOOM video) during the week of August 15.

Honorary for  MAIN  and SUPPORTING ROLEs

Working fee: HUF 100,000 (main role), HUF 60,000 (supporting roles) / per working day

+ travel, food and spending money.

Casting on MONDAY, August 15, 2022 between 10.00-16.00.

IMPORTANT! We would like to record you in studio conditions, but if you cannot appear in person, there is also the possibility of making a seftape!


Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | m/f
playing age: 18 - 28
role languages: English/English-American
role ethnicities: Asian
For the main roles wanted a female and male actor with Asian roots and good dancing skills.

role 2 | actors | m/f
playing age: 18 - 30
role languages: English/English-American
For supporting roles / featured extra roles wanted actors to play dancers / members of a pop band and their singer / an extravagant-looking actor walking his dog, etc. All featured extra roles are ethnically mixed.

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