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location: Lisbon, Portugal
Hi. I'm Keven Santos. I'm an Actor. I grew up in the Azores Islands, in Portugal. I have a recurring role in the new Netflix original series "Turn of the Tide".
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English CV
Keven Santos, playing ages 18 to 30, male.

Represented in Europe by Blast, Clara Gonçalves, tel +351 938 346 579. 

Represented in the USA by Panache Management, Jennifer Milner, tel +1 204-982-6150. 

height: 173cm (5' 8")

weight: 76kg

eyes: green

hair: light brown


Documents & Licences
  • US Passport, EU/EEA/EFTA Passport, EU Proof of Covid Vaccination
  • Car Licence
Sports: swimming
Instruments: clarinet