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All the material you need as an actor – your headshots, CV, showreels, language files, and so on. Plus all the other little extras you need to know.

How many languages can you act in? When you make a profile on enCAST, you need to set your acting
You can show several pictures on your profile. For actors these will be your headshots. This article explains how to
The first thing a casting agent sees is your submission email (sometimes called a cover email or casting email). What
When you add a CV to your profile, the following users will be able to open and see it: the
A headshot is a photograph which tells the casting director what you look like. Suppose the casting director (or CD)
Not all emails are right for actors. And here’s why you should think carefully about the email you use when
After your headshots and showreel, your CV (curriculum or résumé) is the most important document you send a casting agent. It
A lot of new actors have a problem – they don’t have a showreel. It’s a Catch-22 situation: they can’t
A good showreel can get you work. And a bad showreel can lose you work. It is your calling card
When you have a showreel, there are usually just 2 places you can put it online: Vimeo or YouTube. Both
Your playing age is not your real but how old you look. For example, you might be 20 years old
Let’s talk a moment about your name. If you’re new to acting then the chances are that you won’t have
We do not host videos directly on our site, but instead you can embed your video from YouTube or Vimeo
The languages we show on enCAST are fairly general and we do not tend to sub-divide them much. For example,
You want to be an actor. You see a job you like. But you don’t have any experience to put
You should always try to keep each showreel in one language only. If you have a single showreel with clips
Your CV (or résumé) should be in PDF format, about 1 or 2 pages long. When you submit for a
At the top of your profile is your Calling Card and all users have this. As you can see above,
Just as a showreel shows video clips of you in action, a language reel (aka soundfile or voicereel) is a
First impressions count. When a casting director (or CD) opens up your application the very first thing they will look at are
Most actors put their showreel up on YouTube or Vimeo for the world to see and then spread the link
Did you know that on average, a casting director will watch only the first 10 seconds of your showreel? That
If you want to submit to a casting call, but you don't have a showreel on your profile yet, there
We're going to talk about a small thing that makes a big difference. It's about the emails you send when
Sooner or later – it could be next week, or next month, or in five minutes time – you are
You and your name are your brand. And like all brands, you need to let people know about it. One
How important is a showreel for actors? Here professional actor and acting coach Raquel Gardner offers some excellent advice on
Sometimes when you upload a picture to your profile you will see that it appears upside down. The reason this
For creating an impactful showreel, here are a few pointers: Powerful Opening Scene: choose your best scene first, if you