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Auditions – an Introduction

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Auditions are a fact of life for actors.

Who knows how many are successful? One in three? One in ten? One in fifty? One in a hundred?

Every actor has to learn to love auditions if they want to be successful so here are a few articles (see the links on the right) which might help.

the best advice ever

But before you read the articles, here is some rock solid advice.

prepare – the more preparation you do, the better

enjoy – if you enjoy your audition, then it makes it easier and you will be more successful forget about it – once it’s over, forget about it

And finally, the best advice ever.

As actors we spend very little time actually doing what we love, i.e. acting. The rest of the time is preparation, looking for work and so on. So always look at an audition as an extra opportunity to do what you love: act! Go in there thinking that you’re about to perform, that you’re about to do what you love, that whether you get the job or not is irrelevant! Go in there to do your job and enjoy it!

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