FRANCE: actors (m) 25-65, Russian spkrs, for short film in Paris [E]

ref # 215152

closing date: This casting is now closed

project title: Honey
production type: short film
pay: paid

looking for: /
based in/around: Paris, France

about the project

We are searching for two male actors who can speak Russian for a student short film called ’Honey’ directed by a very talented, young filmmaker.

Vlad, an unfulfilled young man, attempts to reenact the death of his parents with the person responsible for it, while struggling to execute his vision due to a shifting power dynamic.

Days of shooting: 23 – 26 of June.

Roles are not paid but expenses will be covered.

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | male
playing age: 25 - 35
role languages: Russian
ROLE: Vlad
m, 25-35, speaking Russian (basic to advanced).
A survivor of trauma, although if you ask him, he would describe it as more of an “unfortunate event”. Despite his attempts to emotionally disengage from the past, the circumstances force him to break away from his delusions in order to achieve closure that he seeks.
role 2 | actors | male
playing age: 45 - 65
role languages: Russian
ROLE: Joseph
m 45-65, speaking Russian (basic to advanced).
Self centered and manipulative, Joseph struggles with his sense of guilt that contrasts with irresistible feelings of nostalgia and romance for his days in the army. He would describe himself as a righteous man and go on extraordinary lengths to prove that.

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