ENGLAND: actors (f) 20-28, English spkrs, for short film in London [P]

ref # 255555

closing date: Monday, 5th August, 2024 (week 32)

project title: I replied with my heart
production type: short film
pay: paid

looking for: actors
based in/around: London, England

about the project

Casting “I replied with my heart”, a short film produced by Flaco Films.

Synopsis: In the glow of the early dawn, Jemma is sitting in a bathtub with her inseparable bestie, Lorna, reminiscing about the epic party they just left behind. Their banter, filled with laughter and shared memories, paints a picture of strong friendship. However, as they delve deeper into the events of the night, Jemma’s anxieties start to convey the cracks forming in their seemingly perfect bond when she feels Lorna slipping away from her to the new ‘Meta Angels’ group.
Desperate to reclaim her position as Lorna's top priority, Jemma embarks on a tumultuous journey, employing every trick in the book to keep her friend by her side and in her heart.

What starts as a comedic social commentary soon takes an unexpected dark turn, revealing the depths of their social anxieties, insecurities, and obsessions. As a reflection of our own struggles with envy, comparison, and overthinking in our social interactions, this story is a challenge to the viewers to confront the complexities of our friendships and the shadows lurking beneath their surface.

Shooting in Greater London in late August / early September (exact dates dependent on cast availability). 1 day rehearsal, 2 days filming.

Roles paid between £200 p/d and £160 p/d. Expenses (within England) are also covered in addition to this.

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | female
playing age: 20 - 28
role languages: English
Several roles available for female actors, with playing age 20-28, ideally based in London.