BELGIUM/NETHERLANDS: actors (f), 60-90, English spkrs, for RITCS short film [P]

ref # 214960

closing date: This casting is now closed

project title: Taking Care Of Plants
production type: feature film
pay: paid

looking for:
based in/around: Belgium/Netherlands

about the project

I'm Sofie, I am working on my masters degree in fiction film directing at RITCS (Royal Institute of Theatre, Cinema and Sound) and I am looking for a native English speaking actress to play the character of 'Mildred' in my masters film, 'Taking Care of Plants'.


'Taking Care of Plants' is a science fiction short film about a young socially anxious “influencer”, Lotus, who has isolated herself in an apartment building that is floating in outer space. She has been living her futuristic life on autopilot, stuck in a co-dependent relationship with her A.I. system, Lexi, until a blackout forces her to face her fear of people and interact with her fellow tenants.

The film is set in the future and it's about humanity remembering what used to make us happy, that we need true human connections despite feeling comfortable in an isolated technology based bubble.

The shooting days are 6-11th of June and we will be shooting around Brussels, Belgium.

We would like to discuss the fee individually, we do have the intention to pay the actors but we are waiting to see how well the crowdfunding does before we can promise anything.

Transport and catering will be paid for.

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | female
playing age: 60 - 90
role languages: English
ROLE: Mildred
f, 60-90, English speaker (ideally native speaker), living in Belgium or the Netherlands.
Mildred is the older lady who lives on Lotus' floor. She is sweet, witty and optimistic. Mildred has very warm, welcoming, motherly energy. She bakes cookies for all her neighbours but gets lonely when she doesn't have anyone to care for. Mildred is an older lady in the future which means she is technically from the generation that is being born today, therefore she also has a very fun and colorful style.

People of any race, hair color, shape, etc. can apply! I am just looking for an older actress with a kind face.

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