Athina Kay
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location: Athens, Greece
Actor and stand-up comedian bilingual in English and Greek. 3rd Culture Kid raised in Greece, Russia, Norway, and Scotland. Founder of the Athens English Comedy Club.
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Athina Kay, playing ages 25 to 33, female.

Athina Kay is an actress and stand-up comedian, bilingual in English and Greek.

She has taken part in numerous productions in Greece and the UK including within the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and The Greek Theatre of New York.

Athina has lived in Russia (Moscow), Norway (Oslo), Scotland (Edinburgh), and is currently based in Athens, Greece.

In 2019 Athina founded the Athens English Comedy Club, the first, and only, purely English comedy club in Greece.

Native Languages: English & Greek
Other Languages: Russian, Norwegian, Spanish   
Acting range: 23-33yo
Height: 1.64m           
Eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Strawberry blonde   
Hair length: Long
Blouse size: S/M                   
Trousers size: 36  
Shoe size: 38.5-39 EUR / 5.5 UK   
Tattoos: None   
Piercings: 4 (3 x lobes, 1 x forward helix)

Documents & Licences
  • EU Residence Card, EU/EEA/EFTA Passport
Sports: volleyball
Singing: musical theatre