PORTUGAL: actors (m/f), 21-50, English and Portuguese spkrs, for short film in Cascais [E]

ref # 140700

closing date: This casting is now closed

project title: A night in Cascais
production type: short film
pay: expenses

looking for: ////
based in/around: Cascais, Portugal

about the project

For a low budget short film produced by a group of Danish filmmakers.

Synopsis: Nana travels around Southern Europe and has just arrived in the city of Cascais in Portugal. On that same day her belongings get stolen from a café. The waiter lets her leave without paying, but the same rules do not apply at the hotel, where the receptionist will not let her stay overnight. In desperation, she resorts to more extreme methods and meets a man she thinks might let her spend the night. It turns out, however, that Nana was not right in her prejudices and therefore finds it difficult to execute her plan.

Shooting in the period of 25/10/2021 – 01/12/2021 in Cascais.

Transport expenses (from ex. Lisbon) and catering will be covered by the production.  

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | male
playing age: 21 - 40
role languages: English/Portuguese
ROLE: Leonardo
He is a romantic, charming and honest man. He is intrigued by the main character Nana, who is an outrageous and beautiful Danish woman.
NB: The role has intimacy with Nana through kissing and dancing close.
Please note, there may be some nudity/intimacy in this role. For more on what this means, please see here.
role 2 | actors | female
playing age: 25 - 50
role languages: English/Portuguese
ROLE: Receptionist
She has a disagreement with our main character when she is the most desperate. The receptionist has no mercy for her and finds her annoying and spoiled.
role 3 | actors | male
playing age: 21 - 30
role languages: English/Portuguese
ROLE: Young man
He hustles our main character in the beginning of the short film. He is intrusive and cunning.
role 4 | actors | male
playing age: 21 - 40
role languages: English/Portuguese
ROLE: Waiter
He serves our main character at a café in the beginning of the short film. The role has just a few lines.
role 5 | extras | male
playing age: 28 - 50
role languages: English/Portuguese
FEATURED EXTRA ROLE: Doorman/bouncer
He has the power to decide if our main character will get into the club in her backpacker clothes. She flirts with him until he lets her in.

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