POLAND: actors (m) 30-40, Polish spkrs, for advertising campaign [P]

ref # 157076

closing date: This casting is now closed

production type: advert/spot
pay: paid

looking for:
based in/around: Poland

about the project

For an advertising campaign.

Fee: 1500 per day + 9000 for rights

NB: Applicants must not have performed in the main role in the last one or more years in advertising campaigns in Poland; they must not be brand ambassadors of any brands and currently do not play in any other campaigns.

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | male
playing age: 30 - 40
role languages: Polish
well built - dark lush hair - minimum height 175, doesn't have to be handsome, but rather interesting, open, approachable, intelligent facial expression - funny but not stupid - and this must be reflected in the body language.

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