NETHERLANDS: URGENT featured extras (m/f) 25-70 English spkrs, for short film in Amsterdam [P]

ref # 162319

closing date: This casting is now closed

project title: Short experimental horror film
production type: short film
pay: paid

looking for:
based in/around: Amsterdam, Netherlands

about the project

For an experimental horror film titled “Beast and Feast” about the animalistic metamorphosis of a police officer who is plagued by nightmares on the search for the perfect horse. It touches upon subjects of control, animalistic desires, and projections.
 The casting is this Friday 15th of April in Amsterdam. (Each audition is short around 15min) slots are available between 15:30-17:30.
The shooting of the film is in mid-July, depending on roles 1-4 days. It’s paid.

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | m/f
playing age: 25 - 70
role languages: English-American
role ethnicities: Black/Asian//Mixed Race//Eastern European/Slavic/Romani/PoC//North African/Hispanic//Middle Eastern//Latinx/South Asian/Maghrebian/Mediterranean
For Featured Extra Roles:

I'm looking for 2 police officers who can play fears or be a giggly bully type.
Short dialogues / monologues.
Please apply as a couple who like to kiss each other or would be up for it.
a guy that is flirting and then gets murdered.

Each role is about 1-2 days of shooting in mid-July.

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