NETHERLANDS: URGENT actors (m/f) 19-55, Dutch spkrs, for short film in Groningen [E]

ref # 168565

closing date: This casting is now closed

project title: NIENKE
production type: short film
pay: expenses

looking for:
based in/around: Groningen, Netherlands

about the project

For the short graduation film titled,  ’NIENKE’ . 

Filming is due to take place on Thursday 2 June, afternoon and early evening. 

Travel expenses are reimbursed and catering is offered.

The story:
Nienke and Kiara are in the second year of their Business Administration studies and both come for a job interview for an internship at Jaap’s company. When Nienke and Kiara are in the waiting room, Jaap walks in. Jaap asks if Nienke walks with him to his office, but he looks at Kiara. Without thinking about it, he had assumed that the young woman with white skin and blond hair was called Nienke. Nienke has a tinted/brown complexion and when she announces that she is Nienke, Jaap calls her a tropical surprise. Jaap means this as something positive, but it touches Nienke. During the job interview, Nienke wanders off, thinking about all the other times people have made similar comments. Nienke can no longer concentrate properly and becomes insecure. She just sees herself as Nienke, but she’s starting to feel like she might not quite fit in after all. Why else would Jaap and all those other people be surprised that she is Nienke; a second-year business student from Groningen.

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | female
playing age: 19 - 24
role languages: Dutch
Nienke is between 19-24 years old and has a tan/brown skin colour.
Nienke is a 2nd year Business Administration student from Groningen. In her spare time she can often be found in the restaurant where she works. She is the head of ministry here and likes to work in a busy environment with a lot of people. She likes a challenge and thinks in possibilities rather than giving up. Besides her busy side job, Nienke spends time with her friends very important. She is still friends with her friends from high school and they regularly watch a movie together.
role 2 | actors | female
playing age: 19 - 24
role languages: Dutch
role ethnicities: White
Kiara is between 19-24 years old and has white skin.
Kiara can enjoy the little things in life. She is also a 2nd year business administration student and after school she prefers to sit on her racing bike. She then cycles through the fields where there are few people. Although Kiara can enjoy the peace and quiet, she is also becoming more and more enterprising. She made some good friends during her training with whom she regularly goes on trips.
role 3 | actors | male
playing age: 25 - 55
role languages: Dutch
role ethnicities: White
Jaap is between 25-55 years old and has a white skin.
At the age of 22, Jaap did an internship at the company where he now works and has actually never left. He is a real sociable bear and occasionally jokes with his colleagues. Jaap thinks it's more important to have fun than to push himself to the limit. He doesn't have to think much about his work, he can now do that with his eyes closed.

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