NETHERLANDS: actors (f) 20-30, Asian, Dutch spkrs, for production in Rotterdam [E]

ref # 202925

closing date: This casting is now closed

project title: Fantast
production type: shoot
pay: expenses

looking for:
based in/around: Rotterdam, Netherlands

about the project

For a semi-professional production. 
 (Present) 21-year-old student Amber has just escaped death from the attack of a psychopath.  She has fled to the police station and is being questioned by a detective.  He asks her how she met the psychopath and how this confrontation came about.  The film alternates between the present in the interrogation room and the past at the university and in the student district where Amber lives.
 (Past) Amber has trouble standing up for herself but that seems to change when she meets the late twenties Armand.  Based on myths he tells her, which Amber vividly envisions, he inspires her to become stronger. It works immediately: Amber doesn’t waste any time and takes revenge on her friends and her mother.  But it has a dark side.  Armand has told her about an entity called The Monarch, who unbeknownst to Amber, is exerting his evil emotions on her.  As the plot progresses, Amber gets herself into more and more trouble with her increasing vengefulness and aggression, and the confrontation with both Armand and The Monarch gets closer and closer.  Even in the present, where Amber thinks she is safe from the situation she just escaped from, these evil forces soon find Amber…
Shooting in Rotterdam in May – June 2023.
On offer:
–  Travel allowance
 – An ambitious project
 – Network capabilities
 – Space for your own input

Looking to fill the following roles:
role 1 | actors | female
playing age: 20 - 30
role languages: Dutch
role ethnicities: Asian
ROLE: Claudia
f, 20-30, Asian appearance, Dutch spkr
Living in Rotterdam is an advantage, being available on 26-02 for a joint rehearsal is also an advantage.

Claudia is rich, comes from new Chinese money. Dress like that too. Bitchy, wild, impulsive, easily bored, living on the edge. Sniffs coke on weekends. Claudia kissed Amber's flame, Tor. Just for fun, because she can. She, of course, completely gives a shit about Amber's feelings for Tor. Amber knows this. But what Claudia doesn't know is that the ever so sweet, insecure Amber has just begun her transformation into a bloodthirsty beast bent on revenge.

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